Friday, February 21, 2014

Flyday Fridays: Snowed Out

We´re a lucky bunch this winter because it´s unusually mild despite the usual chilly temps in the early morning and at night but most of the time, it´s sunny like spring if it doesn´t rain. It rarely snowed and if it did, it just melted away in a few hours. So just to see the snow, we travelled about 90 kms. from our place to the nearest ski station which is in Valdezcaray in La Rioja and look what we ended up with:

2014-02-15 17.12.14

Only a few leftovers on my feet because the temperature went high and almost all of the snow melted except those on the topmost part of the mountains, hahaha!

2014-02-15 17.20.23

So what my practical hubz did was ask me to stand on one side of  a snow playground for the kids. So there I was trying to look cool while children and their parents went sledding down below me, lol! It was so weird, funny and cold (it´s a very windy day) at the same time and I was laughing so hard while the hubz was clicking away.

2014-02-15 17.20.35

I wore this toasty vintage fur coat which was a gift from a dear friend , a dotted top under a red sweater, my trusty snow boots and the felt leopard printed hat below ( I had to take it off  in the middle of the shoot because it was very windy up there) which was on sale in a store called Parfois:

2014-02-21 14.12.39

Oh and and when I laugh so hard I close my eyes, so here it is the parting shot of our not so snowy adventure!

2014-02-15 17.20.32
fox fur coat- gifted, dotted chambray top(old)- Blanco, sweater- Zara, faux leather leggings- primark, bag(old)- Misako
Oh the things that a tropical girl do just to see the snow! As for you out there who are still reeling from those huge snow dumps these past days, keep warm and sending you lots of sunshine on this side of Spain!



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Sandy a la Mode said...

that jacket looks soo warm and comfy!!

Sandy a la Mode

Dawn Lucy said...

Cute and cozy look! Love your realness and sense of humor.

Tracy Miller said...

Snow is overrated. Ha ha. I grew up in a place where we would get over 200 inches a year! I love your fur coat. A lot!

Tracy Miller said...

I tried to post a comment and it never showed up so I apologize if this is a double. Anyway. I love your fur coat. A lot!

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Oh my goodness Cheryl, you got the snow!!! I love the hat. So glad my scarf resembles the one your gave as a gift. Great!

Thank you for joining Fashion item Friday so faithfully. Wonderful of you, ♥!

Judith Miranda said...

Bonita fotografías!!

Helen* said...

Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's awesome! You look gorgeous here! :)

I'm your newest follower and look forward to your next post!


Sartorial Diner said...

That coat looks so luxe and cozy! I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’, GFC, or Instagram! Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back!

s a r t o r i a l d i n e r
Instagram @ sartorialdiner

Sherin said...

The snow looks so beautiful. Love your coat too.

Corinne said...

I love the snow too and would happily travel that far to see it if I could! I feel a bit ripped off because I haven't seen any snow at all yet this year! Boo.

Corinne x

Ania Zarzycka said...

Wow!! you look fantastic <33333

Tina Bradley said...

Lovely snow day pics! I adore the dotted chambray! T.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Bundled up and Beautiful. Striking views too. I love the Coat & Fedora. The sliver of Polka Dots peeking through is genius, also. =)

Kendra Kozlowski said...

Beautiful outfit. Love the jacket! Stopping by to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit, looks like fun! Rachel xx