Friday, August 1, 2014

Flyday Fridays: Bordeaux (part 2)

Happy Friday, world! :)

Here´s part 2 of my short Bordeaux trip but first, here´s what I wore on the second day:

2014-06-29 10.20.52

We took all of these photos on a rainy, very windy and at times sunny day. So don´t be surprised that my tummy seems to be bloated in the pics, it´s the gusty wind, mind you. Now that  we have that cleared(lol!), I purposely wore jeans and a long sleeved boot printed top because of the bad weather aka ¨it´s a little cold for bare arms and legs¨ day. You know me, comfort over fashion first! ;)

2014-06-29 10.20.52 - copia

Our second day was spent visiting churches and Bordeaux has beautiful old churches. First stop was the Bordeaux Cathedral(Cathèdrale Sainte-André de Bordeaux) consecrated by Pope Urban in 1096.

2014-06-29 09.29.25

On the left side is the Hotel de Ville aka Bordeaux´s City Hall aka Palais Rohan. It houses the Museum of Fine Arts ( Musée des Beaux-Arts) which unfortunately we weren´t able to visit because I saw a mini-market at the back of the church. It´s just that when I see food, I tend to forget everything, hahaha!

2014-06-29 10.26.26

And oh well, since we we´re spared with a few minutes of sun, we made use of it by taking outfit photos near the church´s main entrance. When you´re outside of an old church with impressive architecture, you just gotta take a souvenir of it as your background, no?

2014-06-29 10.21.28
2014-06-29 10.21.50

At the back of the church there was a small market where fresh fruits were sold, a boulangerie(breads) and my favorite, oysters.

2014-06-29 10.36.29
2014-06-29 10.35.19

Our oysters, ready for sampling. Yum!

2014-06-29 10.37.45

And then there was this bell tower which you can also visit called le Tour Pey- Berland built around 1440 to 1500 at the back of the cathedral near where we sat but we left it for the next visit.

2014-06-29 10.17.54

The next church that we visited was the Église Sainte- Croix( Church of the Holy Cross) whose facade is in  Romanesque style. This church was built between the 11-12th century. Beside this was a 7th century Benedictine abbey which isn´t shown in the photo below, my bad, oooops! Like most Romanesque style churches, the style is simple but wih graceful and beautifully sculpted arches. What caught my attention though was the green painted organ  inside this church. So French. ;)

2014-06-29 12.40.55
2014-06-29 12.38.16
2014-06-29 12.38.07

Our lunch was in the patio in one of the restaurants facing the Église Saint-Pierre. You can find a lot of restaurants lining on this plaza and the prices are affordable for a full menu. This is also a great place for people watching while drinking your Bordeaux wine and just chilling out.

2014-06-29 13.29.48

The weather was getting weirder as the day went on and so after having lunch we decided to head back home to Spain and just when we were in the middle of the highway, the fuel gauge of the car was blinking. We forgot to refuel the car while in Bordeaux, oops! I was hoping and praying that the car wouldn´t suddenly stop in the middle of the highway because I´m sure I´d be the one who´ll do the pushing because I don´t drive, hahaha! Thank God after about fifteen minutes of worrying and sweating like hell ( I was nervous!), we made it through the next gas station.This time I really promised to myself to bug the hubz to refuel the car right before taking a long trip and in the middle of the trip. Whew, that was close! Now leaving you with a door photo of l´eglise Sainte-Croix with the ornate and red colored door behind me:

2014-06-29 12.35.32
top(old)- Primark, jeans- Pimkie, bag- Longchamp le Pliage, shoes- Massimo Dutti
I hope you liked part 2 of my mini adventure. We could´ve visited a vineyard but it isn´t grape harvesting season yet and the weather was way too loco to visit the other places surrounding Bordeaux. I really hope to visit a French vineyard one of these days, it´s part of my bucket list on places to visit. Soon perhaps and you´ll know about it too, I´m crossing my fingers on that. ;)

Anyway, have a lovely weekend y´all and enjoy the summer season!



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Janet Taylor said...

Cute shirt!

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Great adventure Che! Oysters? not so much. Have a fab hop and weekend!

Dawn Lucy said...

Gorgeous photos! Love your look. I just bought a yellow handbag so love that pop of color here!
Dawn Lucy

Jessica Jannenga said...

Love the photos and the architecture. Gorgeous! Your outfit is lovely with the jeans and the cute printed top, love the pop of yellow with blue
from the link up
, please stop by, jess

Shannon Jenkins said...

Wow everything looks stunning including you! Love your top!

<3 Shannon

Rhea D said...

yes, comfort over fashion -- but even so, your outfit looks so chic! love it! thank you for sharing your mini adventure! <3

rhea @

Svetlana Procopova said...

Amazing photos and lovely post! Love the place! You look so cool and chic, nice bag! :)

Lorna mai ltd said...

I stayed in a villa near Bordeaux a few years ago but never made the city itself. I just love the architecture so much. Your pop of yellow is so eye catching!

Imogen said...

Amazing photos, lovely outfit and I adore the bright bag.

Doused In Pink said...

Gorgeous architecture! Love your yellow bag!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, beautiful look!!!!

Laviña Jampit said...

such a nice place and love what you're wearing dear :)

Willfully Elegant said...

Wow! The church and the historic buildings are such a sight to behold!! Beautiful architecture. Also love the print of your shirt..and I literally LOL'ed at your bloated tummy comment..I know the qualms of wind beaten blog photos :D

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Alexandra Stella said...

Lovely pictures! And that shirt is super cute.

Alex - Funky Jungle

Anonymous said...

Love the top and the pictures are gorgeous. xo ~ The Fashionista Momma