Friday, January 24, 2014

Flyday Fridays: By the Seaside

Most people who go to vacation in Alicante during the summer holidays usually go to just one place, Benidorm. Sun, sea, mild weather all year round  and relatively cheaply priced drinks compared to the other famous vacation spots in Europe, say France, makes this place the perfect dream destination for beach lovers who love to soak in the sun all day,drink beer/sangria and have fun all night!


After having a sumptuous lunch at one of the restaurants along the port of Alicante(the capital city), we hopped on the tram-train to Benidorm. The trip took about 70 minutes. I´ve never been on this side of Spain and although I wasn´t really keen on visiting this place( I grew up on a tropical island with a semi-private beach just a hundred meters from our kitchen window), I happily went along with the hubz.


What the hubz told me was true. There´s nothing there but the beach, sand, a few palm trees and yes, the scrycrapers. Lots of them in every corner!


A shot to keep just in case I may not be coming here again. ;)


Benidorm has two main beaches, this is the Playa de Levante taken during twilight. You´ll see the beach bare at this time of the year because it´s winter but during summer, you can´t hardly see a grain of sand in sight because it´s filled to the brim, so to speak.


If there´s one thing I love about this place, it´s the twilight and probably the sunrise too if ever I´ll stay here in the summer. ;)


Then here´s the other side, the modern part, the Playa de Poniente. These two beaches are divided by a port( converted into a mini-park) in the middle and since the hubz visited this place while he´s still very young, he completely forgot about the other side of the port! While the Playa de Levante looks old to me, the Playa de Poniente is thriving and more modern. Too bad we only discovered this place later in the early evening, I could have taken far more clearer shots than this because my camera´s battery´s about to die on me.


Last photo before we left to go back again to Alicante, the capital city. FYI, Benidorm is also a famous destination for retired Spaniards who lives in the northern part of Spain to escape the brutally cold winter in the north. So expect lots of grandmas and grandpas too when you visit this place in winter. ;)

coat(old)- Sandro, top- local store, pants- Promod
I hope you enjoyed my post today. Happy reading!



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Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Nicely done, Che! You have the most exotic places to do photoshoots. wow. You are inspiring!

Jen K said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And I'm a fan of red pants (as you probably know!)


Sherin said...

The beach looks so beautiful in these pictures.