Friday, January 31, 2014

Flyday Fridays: Burgundy All the Way

I´m making it short today.

2014-01-25 18.46.23
2014-01-25 18.46.29

The loving hubz calls this my dwarf outfit because I´m wearing leggings, sneakers and I look so pudgy,hehe. Was this the same guy that I married who kept on telling me that I still look pretty even when I had a full blown chicken pox scavenging my face? Oh, men!

Pardon the blurry photos, y´all know how´s the weather these days and this was the only dry place to take some decent outfit photos aside from my kitchen door. Keep warm everyone and I hope you aren´t stranded in the snow right now!

Have a fun weekend!



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Janet Taylor said...

Just cute!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I love your Friday Flydays. You are so inspirational with all your traveling. I am slightly jealous. Cute Converse Sneakers and loving the Burgundy Skinny Pants. Every woman should own a pair, they are quite neutral.

Have a Great Weekend!! Ada. =)

Sherin said...

I'm wearing Burgundy today as well. I love the trousers. You're wearing the colour so well.

Rhea D said...

i don't think the outfit makes you look pudgy... it's very casual chic! :)

Found your post via Passion for Fashion link up... hope you stop by and let me know your thoughts on my outfit. :)

Rhea, Et Cetera - trench coat & coral

Lala H said...

you are sooo funny! i dont look pudgy at all. Your hubby was just joking! i love the colored leggings!

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jko said...

Oh men, indeed! Sometimes my husband will ask why I look so fat in an outfit. Sigh. Well I think you look great here. Have a good weekend!


Beata B said...

Love the outfit :) you look very pretty :)
Hugs Beata

Ileana said...

Great outfit!!! I love burgundy :)
And the sweater is super cute!


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Miriam Prz said...

you look great :)
i am your new follower now :)

Ania Zarzycka said...

perfect coat :)

Tara Honeybird said...

You look great! Burgundy is a great colour on you :)