Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Madrid Weekend-1

Autumn is our travel season. The weather isn´t so cold nor so hot and for me is the most colorful season of the year aside from spring. I consider myself lucky to be living  in a 4-season place right now and so I enjoy every minute of each season. It´s a far cry from the very hot or the very wet season that I´m used to back home. ;)

 stripey top- Dolce & Gabbana

The hubz had to attend some social gathering in Madrid last weekend and so I tagged along.We usually travel by train when we do long distance travelling around here. This time we´re able to get a discount in the ¨Preferente¨ class and had some ¨nibblers¨  and drinks to go with it.The train´s wine list was actually good. I chose cava ( Spanish champagne) to go with my ¨nibblers¨. ;)

You know that you´re in Madrid when you see the Cuatro Torres ( Four Towers). Photo was taken just before the day turned cloudy.

To make up for the tattered shorts I added a vest. If you´ve been reading my posts, you´ll probably notice that I go for a very casual and relaxed style. Later, in Madrid, I´ve discovered that wearing tattered shorts put me in a seriously awkward situation. An anecdote about that soon. ;)

vest- Bershka, shoes- thrifted

So how´s your week so far? There´s nothing here but rain, rain and more rain. In some places in Europe it´s already snowing! It seems that winter is knocking everyone´s doors early. ;)

Have a lovely Wednesday, dears!




Krystal said...

the fooood looks so tasty :) stay dry! and warm :)

Paige said...

I dunno but I really like airplane food. :D I love your leggings and shorts, by the way.

hiven said...

love the shoes!
x hivennn. enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway.

Kat said...

nice outfit!! its simple and cute!! you have a great blog! im going to follow you. i hope you can follow me back ^-^

MISSY S said...

i love your shorts!! :D
its like my good to go outfit! :D wow ate che you're so lucky! :D how i wish i live in a place where seasons changed fourtimes! :D i still love philippines though! haha

à la Modest said...

That is too funny!! I take all my photos outside, so that would be really embarrassing or scary to find a random person just looking at the camera! Now, I am scared.

Your hair looks really cute!