Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gone and Back

Halooo, halooooo!

Sorry for the weeklong hiatus sans any warning. There was a problem with the internet connection in the new flat and it took almost a week for the telephone company to sort it out. Today, the problem´s finally fixed and so I´m back for good, I hope. ;)

Anyway, I haven´t been taking outfit photos lately because the days are getting a lot colder and so I´m always bundled up in thick jackets, turtlenecks and jeans, my daily winter uniform. For now, I´m posting here a 3rd what-I-wore installment on my latest trip to Madrid at the beginning of this month. So late I know because today´s the last day of November, hehe.

Aside from  visiting El Prado Museum, we sneaked in at the Reina Sofia too and posed beside one of my fave paintings, Joan Miró´s Self Portrait II. If you like doodling, you´ll fall in love with his paintings. They look like doodles done by a child.

This one´s titled Head of a Man ( I think). His paintings are fun, colorful and so playful! :)

The painting below were done by Salvador Dalí which has a¨delicate¨ title. I like his style too. The colors that he used are so vivid and his brush strokes are so fluid and energetic. His paintings are abstract, complex and sometimes morbid  but I like them anyway. hahaha!

Here´s another one of his:

Leaving you a photo of me at the 3rd floor balcony of the Reina Sofía Museum.

Too bad, we went there earlier in the month and not later. I could have sneaked in at one of the H&M stores there and got myself a Lanvin for H&M shirt. So what about you? Did you score some Lanvin in your place? ;)

More stories and pretty things to post soon. Bye for now and see you around! ;)

Hugs form here,



Jing said...

I knew it!kabalo jud ko te ba na nibalhin ka,maong nawala ka.hahaha
i love your shorts. and i missed you. :D

Krystal said...

oo an art show how fun :) which lanvin shirt did you get??

Rebecca Rose said...

I want your shoes, it's sooo cute!!!

Anyway I added you on my links, xoxo!!!

Cathy said...

how is it that you found purple tights! so pretty =)

Zabrinah said...

You look soooo beautiful! Purple is your color!


Best wishes,



wow!!! youve been traveling! :) lucky ka te! <3 cool photos!

kirstyb said...

glad your internet is back up and running xxxxx

Leia said...

Too bad you didn't get to go to H&M... there's no H&M here either so no Lanvin for me! :(

Sweet said...

the shorts...I want your shorts...I have those kind of shorts before...but I forgot of buying them again...hahaha now...I am looking forward in finding a pair whahaha...
love the purplish theme...reminds me of my mom...

and yes I just bought a purple top too...



janettaylor said...

So fun and I love Ur coat, my dear!

..R May A.. said...

So glad you're back posting :)
loving your blog!! x

Jess said...

I particularly like this post because of the artwork. I'm a teacher and I'm having my students research artists right now. A couple of them are researching Dali!! Who knew I could learn so much from my student's research projects?! I love it.


Mom Daughter Style said...

I think I'm liking the purple color na Che.

Wala kaming H&M dito, ewan ko ba maraming wala dito. From what I see, I like H&M kasi affordable and fashionable sila.

Meream said...

Dali is one of my faves. You are lucky you got to see some of his works. :)