Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday Remix: White and Gray

Good morning, my darlings!

The weather´s getting loco in here, one day the temperature drops to 12ºC and then the next day it´s up again to 25ºC. Frankly, I don not know whether to take out all of my cold weather sweaters or keep my summer tops still in my closet drawers. What a dilemma climate change brings!

2017-08-16 20.52.44

Anyway, this is my usual go to look when I´m feeling( pun intended) under the weather, a light colored top and gray jeans for a clean aesthetic look. The faux suede mules also help when it´s too hot to cover all of your feet but still need to cover your toes because you know that it gets chilly later. Know what I mean?

2017-08-16 20.52.39
2017-08-16 20.53.05
top(very old), jeans- Zara, bag- Bimba & Lola

It looks like Halloween is just around the corner, are your pumpkins carved and ready?



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