Sunday, September 4, 2016

Monday Remix: Shorts Season... Still

Happy Monday, my luvs!

It´s still very much summer on this side of the world despite that it´s already the 4th of September. This year has really been strange, weather-wise. At this time, we could´ve been wearing light jackets or cardigans in the early morning or late evening at least but it´s still sleeveless and/ lightweight tops all  the way all day!

2016-09-03 20.53.37

It´s a good thing that I have a lot of lightweight tops to mix and match with my shorts and skirts and .. it´s never too early to dress for fall, no?

2016-09-03 20.53.25

This top is part of my orange addiction phase which comes and goes at least once a year. I don´t know why I like collecting  this color and it isn´t even my favorite, in fact, far from it but it´s always a go-to color of mine come fall and even spring though in a lighter shade (peach). And you, wha´s your fave go- to color?

2016-09-03 20.53.51
top- Sfera, shorts (very old)- Bershka, bag and sandals- Bimba & Lola

Hope you´ll have a n exciting and fulfilling week ahead!



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