Sunday, May 5, 2013

Food Weekend: Banana- Berry Smoothie and Cherry Pie

I love eating fruits but raspberries taste a bit weird on my tropical  palate (lol!) so I  usually blend it with strawberries, blackberries, a piece of banana, yoghurt, low fat milk and low fat condensed milk to make a delicious smoothie.


Tadah!!! How´s that for a tasty, fiber and vitamin packed and filling breakfast? ;)


Since we´re talking about berries, how about pairing the smoothie with a crumby slice of mouthwatering cherry pie*? So calorrific, I know but I just can´t help myself from indulging in this sinfully delicious treat once in a while. Now you know why you´re seeing a lot of  my puffy face these past days. ;)


And here´s a little preview for my Monday post tomorrow:

20130501_184426 - copia

Have fun this Sunday, dahlings! :)

Love, love,


* Brings me fond memories of my working days, a co-worker of mine used to call me cherry pie at work, lol! 


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vitaMinn style said...

Never thought of mixing condensed milk in my smoothie, yummy indeed!

Btw, I was meaning to tell you this yesterday... I know how much you like the Longchamp Pliage and there's a sale here for the medium shopper tote (mint and moss green) for $83. Let me know if you want! (Hopefully it's still avail.... :)