Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shades of Brown


It seems like the title of my posts are getting colorful these days. hahaha! Yup, I´m still talking about colors. That´s better than talk about the weather, no? ;)

While I was packing for the Portugal trip, I was thinking of my gold flats and planned most of my outfits around it. I don´t usually bring a lot of shoes because I don´t want my traveling bag to be bulky. Moreover, my  travelling buddy aka the hubz keeps on complaining that my traveling bag is always heavy even if we´re just traveling for a few days so the lighter it is, the better for both of us because he´s my designated ¨porter¨most of the time. lol! ;)  It´s a good thing that brown compliments well with gold. The silk scarf was a bonus because it matches with my shoes too! It´s THRIFTED by the way. :)

Craving for chocolate cake during the whole trip and so I gorged on the yummiest chocolate cakes, almost forgetting to take photos of them. So what remained were bite sized portions left for posterity shots. hehe! Anyway, if you´ve been inside a wine cellar before, seeing these huge oak barrels for storing wine before they´re bottled may not be strange at all. I´ve been to a wine cellar here in Spain but these oak barrels are extraordinarily gigantic for me. The biggest vat/barrel can store about 63,000 liters of port wine if I heard that right from the tour guide. Now that´s a lot!

And just for fun, wrapping the scarf around my neck a la neckerchief. Looks like this style isn´t so stylish at all. hahaha!

So how´s your week dears? Thanks for the visit! :)




Jing said...

Ate che!i love everything in this outfit.bagay sayo you look chic!brown color is one of my faves.never goes out with style!wanna try stockings pud te.tana lng bagay sako dako na bagtak.haha!i miss u ate che! mwah=D

Rose said...

choooocolate cake!!! yum :)
The brown and gold certainly does go well together. I have gold shoes, they are about 3 years old and my most worn shoes, along with my silver shoes.
Hope you are having a nice week!


janettaylor said...

I love Ur scarf!


janettaylor said...

Lovely scarf!


Leia said...

You look so pretty Che! I am in love with those shoes :)


sweet said...

the sweets are very delectable and mouth-watering...

I love the color brown i think it is the next thing to black hahahaha!!!!

can you teach me how to do your scarf I am so bad with that kind of thing hehehe!!!!


Krystal said...

i love that outfit...the shorts are so cute!

Hannie said...

Cute outfit!
xoxo from Hannie

Dredd said...

Che, am not a scarf person but your scarf looks gorgeous that really compliment the whole outfit!

Lloyda said...

love the monocrome outfit! those gold flats looks awesome with the scarf! ;)

Sherin said...

Brown really suits you. You look so good in it. I love those shorts. They're so cute.

Krystal said...

i swear the recipe is easier than it looks! just set out all the ingredients that you need and it will be super easy =)

QueenDesi said...

i really love our outfits here..
simple but still look chic.
i more like when u twist the scarf on ur neck like old american cowboy
style :))


in Love&Light
Queen D

paige said...

These are perfection. Dropping by for the very first time. Like the outfits and the quirkiness. Keep it up!

Mom Daughter Style said...

your scarf looks like a burberry. i love the bigger pictures, they're so much clearer. cute flats.

i learned my lesson not to take a lot of shoes. yes, they're bulky then i end up not wearing them so isa lang pwede na.

sarap ng ice cream

oomph. said...

i love brown...everything looks good with brown. i love adding a pop of color to it.