Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Camel, what color art thou?

I´ve been seeing different  shades of the color camel in the internet and I´m quite confused as to what type of color and shade it really is. So I did a little research and found this:

Hahaha! Just kidding! :) But if you look at the picture closely, the color of a camel´s skin should be in a shade of grayish brown, no?
 According to Wiki ,

¨Camel is a color that resembles the color of the hair of a camel and the first recorded use of camel as a color name in English was in 1916. Based on fashion trivia, camel is the color of a specific type of overcoat known as a polo coat or camel-hair coat. In a 1951 Collier´s magazine fashion article, it is stated that camel colored polo coats are proper to wear in the summer, in the country and in the southern part of the US, but  navy blue overcoats are proper to wear in the city and in autumn, winter, and spring. ¨

Whoa, right now it´s the current autumn color trend worldwide! Fashion has always been wacky, no? 

Here´s the closest camel shade and that I´ve found compared to what´s shown in Wiki:

So it´s like a shade of  very light brown or tan but not quite like it and is definitely not the color of my new shoes:

Based on the color chart, the color of this pair could be between rust, mahogany or sinopia (whatever that is).  Since we really are not talking about my shoes´ color, then let´s forget about it, okies? ;)

One thing that´s worth sharing with you though is that I bought this pair really cheap. As in dirt cheap 3 euros for a  classic pair of real leather loafers in perfect condition.

Oh, ha!  Glad that I dropped by at my one and only neighborhood thrift shop before buying bread in the bakery. * Silly grin, here. *  One more parting shot coz I can´t help but really gloat on how cheap this pair is on this side of world. ;)

Camel colored or not, what have you thrifted these past few days? ;)

Have a happy week ahead!



Meream said...

Great find!

I always thought that camel is just a fancy name for brown. Haha

Krystal said...

the pic of the camel cracked me up! :)

sweet said...

the color of camel is hard to define but the first photo did made me smile...

love the loafers...I have been trying to find the best oxford shoes here, yes we have topshop and forever21 butI want to find a cheaper option and brag it at F21 that I bought a cheaper version hahahaha...

The last thrifted shop I went into sold all their oxfords...and I have been dying to buy a pair...ooh please...

Maybe if i will stop looking it might just pop right in front of me.

love the loafers my dear...you are very lucky!!!!


janettaylor said...

Yepp, I love camel color!

Sherin said...

Firstly: love the picture. Put a huge smile on my face!
Love your shoes. I definitely prefer the colour of that of an actual camel.

Mom Daughter Style said...

that's my kind of shoes too Che, but now my husband is too tall kaya medyo naghi-heels ako. i love the color and it looks very shiny .

Leia said...

You are so good at thrifting! :)


kirstyb said...

great post x

cherie said...

hihi that camel is cute! your loafers are perfect on you ate che. i had a loafer phase too, i must say my favorite color of loafers are blue.

Elaine said...

I think your shoes are a great color!

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

rebecca said...

regardless of their colour, i love your shoes!


Anonymous said...

oh i love your shoes,.

L1L2 said...

good one... love the observation and a great post -helpful to readers no doubt!