Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hi, everyone! What´s up?

jacket- Zara

Sorry for not telling you sooner but the hubz and I decided to go back to Portugal last weekend. Just got back tonight. We visited Coimbra and Porto. The hubz had a blast going around while my calf and leg muscles ached from too much walking and climbing on the hilly and rocky streets on this side of Portugal. hehe! It was fun though. ;)

paisley top- Blanco

We stopped by the Portuguese towns of Guarda ( the highest town of Potugal) and Viseu on the way to the main destination. It was pouring really hard last Saturday and so a jacket and a nice pair of paisley rubber shoes were the perfect getup for a comfy exploration around town while keeping my toes warm and dry. ;)

And yes, I chopped my hair. It looked really nice when I first stepped out from the salon but the following day after having been wind blown and rain soaked by nature, it sort of rebelled on it´s own. hahaha!

So how did your weekend go? Will be visiting you soon, just allow me to get my sleep okay? ;)




Mom Daughter Style said...

i want to see your front face with your new hair Che. Ako, nasolve ang problem sa rebond in Philippines pero six months lang daw ang effect.

Portugal, I can only dream of going there at least now.

Sherin said...

I noticed your new haircut straight away. It looks like it suits you!
And looks like a fun trip.

sweet said...

I was about to comment on your hair being short...

sounds fun!!!!

I need to get out from the pad hehehehe...tomorrow is the time for Fashion Week....


MISSY S said...

its my dream to visit portugal! :") maybe soon. thanks for visiting my site and for the sweet comment :*

Leia said...

Wowww, that is a big hair change! I can't wait to see more pictures of it! Glad you and hubz had a nice time in Portugal :)


Marcia B. said...

Wow trip to portugal, that is fantabulous! Great photos!

Mirjam said...

nice photo's! :) I like you outfit, and I would love to visit Portugal some time