Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday Remix: Some Gingham and Wide Legs

Good morning, everyone! :)

Let´s bring it out there, I can´t just get over this pair of wide leg jeans/ cullotes. Now, we both know that I´m very petite and cullotes or  extremely flared bottoms are not quite aesthetically pleasing for a vertically charged gal like me but who cares? When you´re a jean wearing fanatic like I am and it´s so hot out there, wouldn´t a flowy pair of denims be the best alternative? ;)

2018-06-20 21.18.28

This pair came out pretty high-rise and so pairing the right top for it is quite tricky. I´m glad that I still have this old gingham top from three years ago et voila, problem solved. I guess it´s time to shop for shorter tops in the sales too. #shopaholicradarison

2018-06-20 21.18.36
2018-06-20 21.18.22
top(old)-Zara, jeans- H&M, bag- Paco Martinez, sandals- Massimo Dutti
And you? What´s your fave trend this season? ;)



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