Wednesday, June 6, 2018

WIWW: The Floral Dress

About two weeks ago, a friend of mine invited the hubz and I to her son´s First Holy Communion. Now if you´re catholic and live here in Spain, this is a big  deal. The people here treat it like a mini-wedding and is strictly a family affair. So we´re more than happy that my friend and her family decided to share this special occasion with us together with a couple of common friends. This was what I wore:

2018-05-20 13.47.44

I´m not a ¨dress-y¨ type of gal, per se. Do shirt/ denim dresses, count? They´re usually what you´ll find inside my wardrobe. 😃😃😃 To be honest, I think I only have  three which I consider real dresses and this one which was a sales find last summer which I didn´t get to wear until now. At first, I considered wearing palazzo pants or my favorite eyelet white dress but I had a problem finding the perfect handbag to go with them. Then I found this gauzy floral number in light colors at the bottom of my closet, they´re perfect for spring actually!

2018-05-20 13.47.05

The weather´s chilly in the morning and so I had to wear clear stockings, By the way, do you know how it´s difficult to find a nude stocking color to match your skin? It´s a hit or miss and as always, mine´s a miss, hahaha! I bought mine at H&M and I hope they bring out samples for skin matching because it´s quite difficult to do a swatch test when all the stockings are already packed and with the yellow lighting and all. To give the look a casual and modern twist, I draped a light denim jacket over the dress et voila, outfit complete!

2018-05-20 13.47.50
dress and jacket- Zara, clutch- Massimo Dutti. shoes-local store

And you, what´s your go to special occasion outfit? :)



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