Wednesday, May 30, 2018

WIWW: Last Weekend

We celebrated our wedding anniversary last weekend. Since I opted not to cook at home this year, we went out for lunch on a typical spring day: rainy, windy and wiith some snippets of sun in-between. Ya know the drill. Thinking that we´ll be staying indoors most of the time, I didn´t bother bringing a jacket with me and just put on this thin cardigan over my long sleeved floral top. Ooops, BAD.

2018-05-26 15.43.16

When we went out of the restaurant, it was raining hard, the wind was horrible and the temperature dropped.. a lot.  It´s a miracle that the hubz was able to take these photos of me on the street as  I shivered my way to our parked car! The car was about 10 kilometers away, just kidding,it´s only about 50 metres away, lol. We got lucky to find a parking space on the crowded street.😁

2018-05-26 15.29.51-12018-05-26 15.29.54

Despite the cranky weather, our lunch was quite enjoyable. We ate in a Chinese resturant which also serves Japanese cuisine It wasn´t  fancy but we had our fill of  Maki, gyoza and tempura! Coffee and dessert were in a bar near our place because we love trying new things around the neighborhood.

2018-05-26 15.43.19
cardigan(old)- Sfera, jeans and top- Zara, bag- Furla, mules- Mary Paz

So what about you? How did your weekend go?

Love, love,


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