Friday, January 5, 2018

Flyday Fridays: To Somewhere Green and Fresh

Happy 2018, everyone!

gray coat- H&M

Oh yes, I have the perfect explanation why I stopped  posting on the whole month of December. I ran out of pics to post( true story!) and you know, I was traveling and Christmas season was in full swing in my tiny abodeso and so my barely there blogger life took a back seat.. yet again.🙏😉

Anyhoo, I´m back for now(hehe!) and consider this post a sneak peek of what´s to come ahead. We had a long weekend holiday on the second week of  December here in Spain and so the hubz and I took the time to escape to Catalonia and dropped by Lloret de Mar´s Jardins de Sant Clothilde just to enjoy the quietness of the place.

sweater- Zara Kids

The garden´s located just up the cliff and down below is a little beach for some private walking, talking or relaxing under the sun. Although the city that I live has a lot of parks and trees, there´s nothing more relaxing than inhaling pure sea air around you


It´s quite a chilly day and drizzling a little( winter´s technically about to start) and so I wore a light gray coat and a thicker sweater to go with it.


More pics to come on this very relaxing garden on my next Flydays Friday post. See yah!



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