Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Remix: Fave Travel Bag and Jeans

Good evening, my luvlies!

Pardon, I got late in my posting sched for today because real life was busy since early morning today. Anyway, do you have a favorite travel bag and jeans to wear when you travel?


I do and it´s this red bag which you´ve been seeing in almost all of my travel outfit posts.What can I say, it can fit all of my things and it´s red color complements with almost every look that I wear. As for this pair of slashed jeans, I only stopped wearing this because it got very cold in here and I didn´t want to freeze my knees and joints aka old age, lol! I wore this very casual and minimalist look when we visited Villena, Alicante( Spain) sometime in October and since I´m always late in the posting game, I only get to post it today.


I love, love this dark blue cardi with a faux fur trimming at the front. It´s quite warm but quite thin for this month´s weather and so it´s now back inside my closet again.

2016-10-30 11.25.47 - copia
jacket- Easy Wear( El Corte Inglés) , top, jeans- Zara, loafers- Seaside, bag(old)- Bimba & Lola

So how´s your Monday so far? The stores are beginning to fill up these days and so it´s better to do your Christmas shopping early. I did a little shopping for our exchange gift activity this weekend.

Enjoy the week ahead!



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Rachel said...

Nice outfit, love the color of the shoes!