Friday, December 30, 2016

Dressing Up For Me In Review 2016

Hello, helloooo! :)

So yeah, in two days, the year 2016 will be now called as ¨last year¨. Strange but true, hahaha! So how´s your 2016 so far? Mine´s been a very busy one, hence, I only had 31 posts ( about 25% of what I usually have excluding the year 2015). Maybe because real life ate a lot of my blogging time, I spent half of this year finishing my course ( I passed with a more than average grade, yey!) but I´m satisfied because I got to travel more although the pics didn´t end up on the blog, lol!

As for what I wore, I lived in jeans and tops. Nothing new although I did try and fell in love with some new trends this year. So here are my top twelve favorite looks of the year:

1. Denim

You know me, I´m a denim lover through and through. I may not be a dress type of gal but if it´s in chambray/ denim, I´m all in! I tried the midi denim skirt too which wasn´t bad either. It´s just a question of proportion and what accessories to wear to be able  carry it with my very petite frame.


2. Prints

I´ll say it again and again, prints are a classic. So go ahead  and have a few in your wardrobe. Even if I´m a staunch supporter of the minimalist dressing philosophy aka plain black, white, gray and blue all the way, I still go back to my prints once in a  while. This year I tried on dark florals for fall, remixed a few of my animal skirts and tops, wore gingham and some stripes too.


3. Wide leg trousers/pants

Name it gaucho(for jeans) and culottes for mid length or palazzo for whole length trousers, this trend got me hooked line and sinker and I´m in love with it. Come to think of it, this style isn´t actually new because I remember my late grandmother used to wear palazzo pants when she was younger and that was like a million of years ago.😁 I preferred mine in denim, plain, chevron or stripes. What´s yours?


Sooo.. what about you? Any favorite looks that you could share before the year ends? ;)