Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Remix: Dressing Room Pics

Hi, everyone!!!

Pardon the blog silence, school season´s started so this gal has to prioritize her time between home duties and school duties and the blog just sort of got left out, oooops.

Anyway, here are some dressing room pics, the first two were my ootd on my first day to school:

2015-09-01 21.09.21
2015-09-01 18.04.13
leopard top(old)- new Yorker, slip-ons( on sale)- Massimo Dutti, bag- Furla
I dropped by the mall last weekend  to do my weekly grocery shopping and while waiting for the hubz, I found this delectable tunic/ shirt dress from Bershka. This is so me nowadays! :)

2015-09-19 19.20.24
printed denim tunic- Bershka
I would have loved to take this home with me but, there´s a defect on one of the snap buttons and so I had to let it go. I also love this chambray shirt but I think it´s a tad small for me and the next size was already sold out, huhuhu. It´s too bad because the above items were 50% off. I walked out with a heavy heart but my wallet´s grinning from ear to ear, hahaha!

2015-09-19 19.17.03
frayed chambray top- Bershka
Oh well, at least I got to score this Marsala/ burgundyish colored top at 70% off  two weeks ago   from Zara. Just the right color to usher in fall, don´t you think? ;)

2015-09-07 13.16.14
top- Zara
Summer technically ends today here in Europe but we still have lots of sunshine and a relatively warm weather here in my city although there are days when the temperature suddenly drops especially when it rains. I´m not complaiing though because this summer was one of the hottest that I´ve experienced since living here.

So guys, are you ready for fall?




Sherin said...

Some good looks here. Really like the leopard print top.

J. said...

Oooh, I love that grey Furla bag! Now you made me want one too :)