Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WIWW: Zebra and White

Hello, my luvs!


Summer´s full blown in my place, I can´t hardly even go out because of the heatwave that´s been going on in here since yesterday! Every time I complain about the excessive heat to the hubz he would have that `I don´t believe you´ look on his face and tell me that I should´ve have been accustomed to the heat by now because I came from a tropical country. Little did he know that when the heat is on in my tropical lalaland, we hide until the sun sets or use an umbrella if we need to go out under the midday sun, hahaha! And that´s how you avoid most of the wrinkles, my friends. :)


Anyway, for this look, I opt to put on a flowy white top and a mini skirt in zebra print. Like always, these are part of my old summer basics. The red open toed sandals are to add some color to the whole outfit. I usually take out this crossbody bag for spring and summer because of it´s light color combination. It´s just how I do bags, light for summer and spring, dark for autumn and winter. What about you?

skirt- Stradivarius, sandals- Pimkie, bag- Bimba y Lola

So how are you coping with the excessive heat in your place?

Stay cool and dehydrated always!



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Sherin said...

That skirt is so pretty. Love the zebra print.