Friday, July 31, 2015

Flyday Fridays: My Favorite Clutches

Hello, hellooo!

Today, I´ll be talking about some of my favorite clutches and/or pouches. They´re cute, handy and light to ¨lug¨ around, don´t you think so? ;) I just make sure to put them on my lap when I sit on the table because I usually tend to forget things which don ´t  come with a sling or a handle, hahaha!

For those who may ask, I don´t really know the exact difference between a clutch bag or a pouch bag but what I do know is that all of these are small bags  without a handle or a sling which are carried by the hand and which can be ¨clutched¨ / placed under your arms, okies? ;)

Anyway, here are some of my favorites which you see most often in the blog. I´m a clutch collector and these are just part of what I have in my closet.

1. Leather Clutch

This is my go-to clutch when going out for some drinks with the hubz or with my girlfriends. I´ve had this since two and  a half years ago. It has this nice brown leather color which matches with everything, no wonder it´s my favorite of all myfavorites! :)

2015-07-12 14.02.54
2015-07-04 17.57.44

2. Tri-color Melon, Mint and Cream Envelope Clutch

This is one of my got-to spring/summer clutches because of it´s beautiful color combination. It has a minty color on the edges which is perfect to usher in spring.


3. Purple, Green and Orange  Woven Envelope Clutch

This is an old brandless clutch which I usually take out from my closet in autumn and winter because of it´s dark print. I got attracted to this because it has my favorite color which is purple and it can hold my wallet too among other things. :)

2014-04-06 12.56.56

4. Ombre Orange Pouch

My current obsession. I don´t know but I´m gaga over the color orange lately. I thought I got over the orange phase from four years ago but it came back with a vengeance. Thank goodness, orange is perfect for autumn/fall and winter and so this pouch will be abused more often. ;)

2015-07-26 14.03.23

5. Striped Cloth Pouch

This pouch is made of cloth and it´s soft. It packs a lot too! What made me buy it aside from it´s discounted price(it was on sale,hehe) were the stripes print in different shades of blue and purple. They´re so perfect for a jean wearing gal like me! To make it foldable, I used it as is or if  I wanted it to be a little rigid, I usually insert a cutout cardboard ( haphazard DYing, lol) inside to make it stiff and easy to clutch especially if I place only a few things inside.

2015-07-25 13.46.44
2015-07-25 13.08.21

6. Funky Printed Pouch

This beautifully printed clutch( it has a pineapple print on the girl´s head which you can´t see, hahaha!) is made of nylon which is a lot easier to clean. I usually use this as my inner bag for my totes if I´m not using it as a clutch.

2015-07-07 17.18.47

As for the mini- arm party accessories, I usually go with leather, gold or silver bracelets with colored stones and bangles. I don´t normally put on a lot because I have  small wrists and I usually for classic solid colors to compliment my outfits.

So what about you? Are you a clutch collector too?

Enjoy the weekend, dears!



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Janet Taylor said...

Love the 1st one.

Irene Papadopoulou said...

love the massimo dutti clutch!

Abigail Castro said...

I love the clutches and your arm candies!!

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