Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WIWW: Pale Hues

Happy Wednesday, all!

2015-03-29 14.09.43

The day´s getting warmer everyday and the sun´s setting longer too. Spring´s in town, people, I hope you´re enjoying it as much as I do. :) Anyway, when spring arrives, my color choices tend to go towards the lighter side of the spectrum athough I sill accessorize with dark colors in mind like this brown clutch which I´ve had for years.

2015-03-29 14.09.53
2015-03-29 14.09.28
2015-03-29 14.10.09

I still haven´t done my spring cleaning. Have you? And I´m still shopping from my closet. After many years of just buying hoarding things, I´ve come to realize that you only need the basics to dress everyday. It´s just a question of mixing, matching and accessorizing everything and you´re done. So I pulled out all the must haves and this pair of printed pants for some oomph to the whole look.

2015-03-29 14.09.34
jacket- Zara, printed pants- Blanco

Have a lovely mid-week, y´all!




Maggie Dallospedale said...

Cool and chic style.
Sweatshirt, Jeans, Heels on my Fashion blog

Darcy said...

how cute are those pants?! Love it!

Sherin said...

Those printed trousers look so amazing.