Friday, April 6, 2012


Today is Good Friday. Let´s set aside fashion for now and talk about culture. As you know, Spain is a predominantly Catholic country, hence, this Lenten tradition which have been practiced for centuries. Every Holy Thurday and Good Friday night a select group of people aka  ¨brotherhoods¨ put on a robe in different colors and on their heads, the capirote (cone hat). They wear this uniform as a sign of penance while pulling ornate and heavy carriages topped with beautifully sculpted religious images. In the city where I live, this ritual is a bit simple but in some regions of Spain especially in Andalusia, it is more spectacular and a  prime tourist atraction every Holy Week.

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 003

A purple candle is usually a sign of mourning, of sadness.

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 084

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 007

People like me who also line up the streets do not only want to watch this solemn ritual but also to contemplate about life and the world around us. Just like you, I also have my own problems to solve and devils to fight but there´s one thing no one can never take away from me. My faith in God, in love and in finding peace within ourselves.

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 005

Blue signifies peace and as cliché as it may sounds, what we need is world peace and so I´m lighting some.

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 085

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone and don´t forget to pray! :)



PS. I´m on a Lenten break. While you´re reading this, I´m on a road trip somewhere in Portugal visiting castles and churches. That is, if we don´t get lost along the way. ;) Will be visiting your blogs soon!


Anneli M. said...

I this this ritual is rather cool :)
Love the beautiful pictures!

Anneli x

Sabrina Araújo said...

I didin't know that purple candles meant sadness