Friday, October 29, 2010

What Keira Wore

Hi, everyone! Sorry for not updating sooner. We´re in the process of moving things from one flat to another and it´s quite time consuming and energy draining but it´s okay because I´m losing weight or so I thought. hehe! Moreover,we don´t have internet access yet on the new flat so I can´t update as much as I´d like to.

Anyway, I found this photo of Keira Knightley about 2 weeks ago during the photocall of her movie Never Let Me Go in London and I fell in love with the silky handkerchief skirt that she wore. The not so nice thing about this skirt though is that it looks like it´s haphazardly cut. Well, maybe because the designer wanted to make the skirt raw and edgy because the cloth has a pretty print and color. I do find the whole look adorable. She paired it with a lacey camel top and brown Louboutin heels. I find her outfit classy and prim although the critics did say that it´s boring and unfinished. 

So what do you think? ;)

Have a lovely weekend, dears! :)


Monday, October 25, 2010

In Black

  • Saturday lunch was chinese buffet with the hubz. Sunday lunch was the same but this time with a visiting friend. And I´m wondering why I´m so bloated?
  • Sunday was rainy, a bit windy and cold. I decided to wear black ( turtleneck, suede boots and tights) plus a thicker scarf for extra warmth and color.  Whew, it was really cold!
  • We haven´t totally moved in to the new flat yet but we´ve been sleeping there for 2 weekends now. The house is growing on me and I kinda like the feeling. The thing is, I´m still uncomfortable using a new pillow  (because it´s flat ) and lying on a new bed and .. new bed sheets. I missed my old high pillow and ratty sheets, might as well bring them in soon too. Old habits really die hard.
So there goes my weekend. How about yours? ;)



Friday, October 22, 2010

Dressing Up a Plain Top


teal top- Blanco
necklace- Stradivarius (summer sale 2010)
ring- local fair in Bilbao

There´s no doubt that the cold days are already here on this side of the world and will be staying for quite a long, long time. Oh summer, why have you gone so fast? You´ll be seeing me mostly in sweaters and cardigans from this time on.Out on the street, you´ll never see my neck fully exposed like this, I´d surely have sore throat in 10 minutes. Exagge! hahaha! No really, everything needs to be covered from the neck to toe because the north wind could be so harsh and sooo cold! But it´s nice to know that  after the scarf and coat are taken off , something pretty still hangs on your neck. It´s my way of dressing up an otherwise drab, solid colored top.

So how do you dress up a plain top? ;)

Yours trully,


PS: The top´s real color is teal, I don´t know how it happened but it turned out blue in the pictures.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shades of Brown


It seems like the title of my posts are getting colorful these days. hahaha! Yup, I´m still talking about colors. That´s better than talk about the weather, no? ;)

While I was packing for the Portugal trip, I was thinking of my gold flats and planned most of my outfits around it. I don´t usually bring a lot of shoes because I don´t want my traveling bag to be bulky. Moreover, my  travelling buddy aka the hubz keeps on complaining that my traveling bag is always heavy even if we´re just traveling for a few days so the lighter it is, the better for both of us because he´s my designated ¨porter¨most of the time. lol! ;)  It´s a good thing that brown compliments well with gold. The silk scarf was a bonus because it matches with my shoes too! It´s THRIFTED by the way. :)

Craving for chocolate cake during the whole trip and so I gorged on the yummiest chocolate cakes, almost forgetting to take photos of them. So what remained were bite sized portions left for posterity shots. hehe! Anyway, if you´ve been inside a wine cellar before, seeing these huge oak barrels for storing wine before they´re bottled may not be strange at all. I´ve been to a wine cellar here in Spain but these oak barrels are extraordinarily gigantic for me. The biggest vat/barrel can store about 63,000 liters of port wine if I heard that right from the tour guide. Now that´s a lot!

And just for fun, wrapping the scarf around my neck a la neckerchief. Looks like this style isn´t so stylish at all. hahaha!

So how´s your week dears? Thanks for the visit! :)



Monday, October 18, 2010

Purple Mode

I´m interrupting my Porto posts to tell you that I´m in a purple mode today.

Hey, purple is still trendy this season. Ask InStyle. :)

And cobalt blue, metallic gold, red, etc. etc but I´m sticking with purple for now with a pair of  well worn (very old) Levi´s and a silver skull necklace. :)

What about you? Which fall color trend are you wearing right now? ;)



Friday, October 15, 2010

Gold Tones

Wearing yellow and florals on my first day at Porto in Portugal. Metallics especially gold are IN this season and so this is my little tribute to something that glitters. At least through my shoes. lol!

top and skirt- Zara

ballerina flats- H&M

My shoes didn´t fail me though I admit that the size was a bit bigger and it comes off once in a while. hahaha! Since there´s a cold breeze in the early morning, a colorful scarf  makes up for the chill factor.

Later after lunch, we went port wine tasting inside one of the wine cellars dotting along the banks of the River Duero.

Now I know what tawny and ruby means for port wines. It´s loaded with 20% alcohol, almost double that of a normal wine. Uh-oh, this thing is not for heavy duty drinking unless you plan on taking a taxi  for a ride home. ;)

Leaving you with a candid shot taken by the hubz. He likes taking candid shots of me including my big butt! Good thing this was a side photo.

So how did your week go? My, oh my, the days are definitely getting colder here but I´m still holding on to my light jackets. How about in your place? ;)

Kisses from here,


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rocky Road

Warning: Picture Heavy!

left- Rotundinha de Viseu, right- Viriato

After having breakfast with these delicious and large breads with eggs and almonds filling (especially the left one) which we bought in Viseu for brace yourself, only 3 euros plus a 1.5 liter of mineral water, we started the trek up on the hills where all the ancient things stood.

When I say rocky road and steep streets, I really mean it! See that photo above? Most of the streets are like that here.

First stop was the old cathedral. The hubz was reading the guide pamphlet while I was busy clicking away. We´re like that.hehehe!

This huge shell was used to store holy water at the main door entrance. It´s dry. Later, we heard mass at the new cathedral and much, much later we visited this:

The University of Coimbra, one of  Europe´s the oldest universities. I heard the chapel was beautiful but there was a wedding going on and so no pictures. Boo!

Coimbra´s skyline from the top of a palace, now part of the university and below is:

a view of the River Mondego. Here´s what I wore before starting the vertical trek to the top:

top- Mango, leggings- Bershka, flats- H&M

Good thing I was wearing flats the whole time I was there, my heels would have been caught between some of the loose stones in just 5 seconds and you know what could happen next. hahaha!

Hope you´ve enjoyed the virtual tour. Come back for my Porto post! ;)



Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hi, everyone! What´s up?

jacket- Zara

Sorry for not telling you sooner but the hubz and I decided to go back to Portugal last weekend. Just got back tonight. We visited Coimbra and Porto. The hubz had a blast going around while my calf and leg muscles ached from too much walking and climbing on the hilly and rocky streets on this side of Portugal. hehe! It was fun though. ;)

paisley top- Blanco

We stopped by the Portuguese towns of Guarda ( the highest town of Potugal) and Viseu on the way to the main destination. It was pouring really hard last Saturday and so a jacket and a nice pair of paisley rubber shoes were the perfect getup for a comfy exploration around town while keeping my toes warm and dry. ;)

And yes, I chopped my hair. It looked really nice when I first stepped out from the salon but the following day after having been wind blown and rain soaked by nature, it sort of rebelled on it´s own. hahaha!

So how did your weekend go? Will be visiting you soon, just allow me to get my sleep okay? ;)



Saturday, October 9, 2010


I love colored jewelry! Nothing makes me more giddy than seeing a pair of ring, earrings, bracelet or even a necklace in different colors.

It could be multi-colored pearls:

A rose quartz pendant:

A chunky necklace:

A pair of earrings in tribal red:

Something round in silver and yellow:

A blue, white and purple choker:

Or an array of different things in my favorite color, purple. ;)

So what are the most colorful accessories in your wardrobe? Share? ;)

Happy Saturday, all!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Paisley Is Still In

Although the runways  usually dictate the trends for every season, the real trendsetters are YOU and what you´re wearing right now and what is actually sold in our favorite shops. Found out recently that paisley is still hot in the stores. Must be because of  the boho vibe that never left us season after season.

So I took out my paisley long-sleeved stop and added a vest on it to make the look trendier and also for added warmth. ;)

I know, I´m still in a style rut because I´m still wearing jeans. Skirts and tights will be coming soon. Let´s see.

In the meantime, take out those paisleys  from your closet, girls because it´s still in this season. ;)



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Camel, what color art thou?

I´ve been seeing different  shades of the color camel in the internet and I´m quite confused as to what type of color and shade it really is. So I did a little research and found this:

Hahaha! Just kidding! :) But if you look at the picture closely, the color of a camel´s skin should be in a shade of grayish brown, no?
 According to Wiki ,

¨Camel is a color that resembles the color of the hair of a camel and the first recorded use of camel as a color name in English was in 1916. Based on fashion trivia, camel is the color of a specific type of overcoat known as a polo coat or camel-hair coat. In a 1951 Collier´s magazine fashion article, it is stated that camel colored polo coats are proper to wear in the summer, in the country and in the southern part of the US, but  navy blue overcoats are proper to wear in the city and in autumn, winter, and spring. ¨

Whoa, right now it´s the current autumn color trend worldwide! Fashion has always been wacky, no? 

Here´s the closest camel shade and that I´ve found compared to what´s shown in Wiki:

So it´s like a shade of  very light brown or tan but not quite like it and is definitely not the color of my new shoes:

Based on the color chart, the color of this pair could be between rust, mahogany or sinopia (whatever that is).  Since we really are not talking about my shoes´ color, then let´s forget about it, okies? ;)

One thing that´s worth sharing with you though is that I bought this pair really cheap. As in dirt cheap 3 euros for a  classic pair of real leather loafers in perfect condition.

Oh, ha!  Glad that I dropped by at my one and only neighborhood thrift shop before buying bread in the bakery. * Silly grin, here. *  One more parting shot coz I can´t help but really gloat on how cheap this pair is on this side of world. ;)

Camel colored or not, what have you thrifted these past few days? ;)

Have a happy week ahead!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Autumn Basics

sweater- old, Blanco, necklace- old, Sfera

Nothing beats a comfortable and light sweater in autumn. Just throw in a nice necklace and  a jacket  et voila, you´re ready to go walking outside in the cold street! I´m in a style rut nowadays and so I usually wear jeans. I think it´s time to pull out those tights from hibernation and wear them with shorts or under a cute wool skirt for that oomph factor. Soon, maybe when all of my stuff is in one place, aka the hall closet. We haven´t moved in yet to the new flat but most of my autumn and winter basics are already there. ;)

So what are your autumn basics or make that what´s your go to outfit when you´re in a style rut? :)