Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Spring is for florals. Trends are nudes and denim on denim, a la chambray shirt over a dark wash denim.

 mocha slacks- Guess, paisley top- Kamiseta, red coat- Zara

beige bag- H&M ( from the sales last year)

So what am I doing with red?

red cocktail ring- local dep´t store

None other than to compliment and accessorize.Wearing beige or nude from head to toe can be boring, no? ;) After seeing the last photo, I´ve just discovered that my hand is super dehydrated, hehe!

This was taken in Loiola, Guipuzcoa in the Spanish Basque country. That huge church behind me is the Basilica of St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuit Order.

Have a lovely mid-week, everyone! :)


Psst! More of my travel photos here. ;)


Leah said...

Che, iniba mo na fashion blog mo. I will follow you. I love your red ring... it's huge and gorgeous. xoxo

Leia said...

You look so good in red!

Rebecca Rose said...

Che ang ganda ng bag and ring mo, loves it.

At wow naman sa Coat, U stood out my dear, U are so prety.

Rose said...

Hello hello,
This second blog will certainly keep you super busy. I had to stop my second blog when I started full time work.
Red looks really lovely on you, and how amazing that background in the first photo!


ana b. said...

OH wow! I had no idea you'd started a new blog for your outfits. Two of your fave things - travel and clothing! Same as mine.

The red coat is lovely. A gorgeous pop of colour.

Mom Daughter Style said...

nice blog, welcome to blogger. red really looks good on you. I think I told you before. Ganda din ng background, looks like it just rained

Anonymous said...

i love red!
and i love your outfit!
will add you to my blog roll ;)
t o n i