Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Pea Coat

After the long post drought, I´m finally back and this time I´m going to do regular posting on this blog.

Yep, spring is finally here on this side of the word. Despite the temperature getting warmer day after day, the nights are still cold and some days still go back to being wintery.
Love casual dressing. Jeans and thin turtlenecks are perfect spring basics if you don´t like wearing a scarf for that still chilly breeze.

baby blue turtleneck by Lefties
Bib necklace by F21 ( Hanh´s giveaway)
old denim jeans by Levis and
a short pea coat by Zara which I bought for 70% off. Beat that! :)

Have a lovely week ahead, fashionistas! :)


Rebecca Rose said...

AWESOME!!! I'll add this now!!!

Jing said...

Hi te che! glad ngblogger ka na.hehe.
i love your bib necklace, te.
grabe ang coat ha.70% off.winner!

Anonymous said...

My favorite brands are all from Spain (MNG, ZARA, Berschka, Stradivarius and Lefties!!)...but we dont have the last 3 stores here in Germany :-/'re lucky!