Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WIIWW: Cullotes and a Silk Top

Good morning, dahlings!

You know me, I like breezy and comfy. I wore this outfit when the hubz and I had a day trip to Barcelona at the beginning of the month. It was sizzling hot( for real!) and as usual the main streets are jam-packed with tourists and everything in the Catalonian capital. If you´re there at that time, I could´ve bumped into you literally without you and me knowing it!

2016-08-06 10.37.55

I´m obsessed with culottes lately and although one of my closest friends didn´t agree with me when I bought this pair with her, I just smiled  and bought it anyway, hahaha!

You know that ¨situation¨ about shopping out with a friend? There are actually two sides of the story:

1. your friend convinces you to buy something and you buy it and then regret why you bought it later and ...
2. your friend discourages you when you like to buy something that you really like because she thinks that you don´t look good in it but you buy it anyway because your gut feeling tells you so.

I usually opt for number 2 and although my friend and I argue like lawyers in the dressing room over the pros and cons on buying that thing, my gut feeling always has the final say and that is the moral of the situation, err, shopping with the girlfriend story. ;)

2016-08-06 10.36.39-1
2016-08-06 10.37.29

I paired the culottes with a silk top which I scored from the sales last year, a late summer sale buy which has been lying dormant in my closet for a year. If  this top could talk, it would´ve have said: ¨Finally, thanks for airing me out, Che!¨, lol.

2016-08-06 12.45.24
top, sandals- Massimo Dutti, culottes- Sfera, bag- Longchamp le Pliage
So how´s the week so far? I hope you´re enjoying it. :)



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