Friday, August 21, 2015

Flyday Fridays: A Fab Find in Brown in Elda

Hello, everyone!

I´m still on the road but will be home much later. I know, I owe you lots of travel posts/stories but since real life´s making me busy right now, here´s a little peek of what´s to come in my future travel posts, the ¨Elda Footwear Museum¨. Click here for the museum´s page.

This museum boasts of having the most complete collection of footwear since the ancient times to the modern times. Below are just some snippets of the collection from the Grecian and Roman age to the 60s and 70s:

2014-12-29 11.42.05
2014-12-29 11.57.15

to different styles of shoes like clogs and rows and rows of other types of shoes for men, women and children:

2014-12-29 11.58.01
2014-12-29 11.36.59

Elda also has a booming shoe and bag industry and as a Christmas gift( yep, this trip was done last Xmas 2014, lol!) from the hubz to me, I bought  a ¨trapeze like¨ bag in calfskin leather and suede. I don´t normally use this bag because I´m afraid to damage the suede part, hahaha!. It has a zipper and packs a lot at a very affordable prize. It´s a great investment if you want something that lasts a long time. :)

2015-07-24 16.40.08
top- Zara, pants- Mango
So what are your fab finds lately? I hope you´ll have an exciting weekend ahead!



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