Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Remix: Ripped, Mottled and a Pewter Colored Jacket

Good morning!

2015-03-28 17.53.46

So spring´s finally here, yey! I thought that it would never come because just three days ago we´re having snow. See that white foamy patch near my left foot in the picture below? That´s what´s left of winter, hihi. :) Anyway, here´s what I wore last weekend while visiting MIL, just the good ole basics( wet hair included) of a mottled/ tie dyed printed ripped jeans, a linen buttondown, a pewter colored faux leather jacket  and not an ounce of jewelry because we´re in hurry.

2015-03-28 17.52.03
2015-03-28 17.53.29

I wonder if it´s time to do a little spring cleaning this week, the weather´s been really great although when you live in a city where it´s sunny today and then it´s winter tomorrow, you´d never know what to keep in your closet, lol! We´re having the annual Holy Week holidays this week and I´m so excited because we´re travelling to the eastern part of Spain in Catalonia. Hopefully, I´d be able to show you some decent outfit posts soon.

2015-03-28 17.53.38
buttondown(old)- Zara, jeans(old)- Pimkie, jacket(old)- H&M, booties- local store

In the meantime, enjoy your week and I wish you all the best.



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renae said...

Awh Cheryl! So nice to hear from you.

The champagne toast? doh? I am not sure what that is now. lol
Sorry, please elaborate? lol

Your deep blue jeans and booties are fabulous, you-know?

Sherin said...

So much love for the shoes. They're so pretty.

Imogen said...

Such a lovely well put together look.