Wednesday, March 13, 2019

WIWW: The Straight Leg Jeans

Hello, everyone!

The spring weather has finally arrived on my doorstep and so I´m wearing spring-y outfits these days. One thing that I´m really loving are straight leg jeans. I´m a convert since last year and it´s the best decision ever.

2018-06-11 19.38.20

For somebody whose got thick calves, straight leg jeans are a breather to wear and they´re the comfiest style aside from cullotes, IMHO! Moreover, they go well with sneakers, sock boots, heels, flats and even mules.

2018-06-11 19.38.09
2018-06-11 19.38.36

I´d wouldn´t say never again to skinny jeans but for now, the straight leg style is my current go-to. If you´ll see this in a different wash or color on my next posts, don´t tell me that I didn´t warn you. ;)

2018-06-11 19.38.06
top(old)- Easy Wear, jeans- Bershka, bag(old)- Bimba & Lola, mules(old)- Primark

So what´s your fave jean style lately?

Love, love,


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