Wednesday, January 30, 2019

WIWW: The Tonal Look

Hello, peeps!

So it´s another week again of nothing but rain in my city, how boring. I would have preferred if it snowed for some landscape change but, nah, it´s rain all the way, girl! On top of that, I got sick last week and wore nothing but pajamas and so this look was the only redeeming factor for the whole week last week:

Yep, I got `dressed up´ because I went to do the groceries. If it weren´t for an empty pantry, I can´t be bothered to change into anything. Since I´m a die hard fan of the tonal look ( vertically challenged girl, here), I opted for an all-gray look. I´ve always been partial to gray, it´s one of my go to colors aside from black and blue. A tonal look is quite the easy peasy combo actually, just put your varying shades of color, et voila!

coat- H&M, jeans and shoes- Zara, sweater- &OtherStories, bag- Bimba&Lola

All items from this look are old. I mean, just look at these skinny jeans, it´s like more than four years old. I can´t find a straight leg pair in this tone and so I´m still using this pair of skinnys. The coat was from two years ago too and those silver slip-ons, I don´t remember.😃 Coordinating the whole look with a black raffia tote because I´m a no-fuss girl like that.

I´m quite better now but the weather isn´t still. I hope it´s sunny in your side of the world!



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