Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dressing Up For Me 2014 in Review ( part 1)

Good morning, world and happy new year! :)

I know I´m late in the 2014 outfit review game but it´s better to be late than never. So here´s part 1 of my ootd recap. Aside from my usual jeans/pants and top combos, it was a top and skirt mostly for me. I wasn´t much into leather but I stayed true to my ¨color loving¨ nature.


I ventured on a little bit of florals and animal prints too...


and did some remixing on my skirts which I´m very proud of.


I also wore tulle for the first time but I´ve noticed that I haven´t been really experimental with my look last year.  I hope to make it up this year although with school projects and exams, I really don´t know if I can find the time to dress up more, hahaha!


Anyway, I want to thank all of you who came to visit me on my blog. I know that since school started last September I kind of layed low for a while to focus more on real life but I hope to find the time to blog more often. To those who´ve left comments on my posts, I´ll be visiting you soon. :)

Have a blessed and fruitful 2015 ahead!

Love, love,



Charlotte Sparkle said...

Lots of great outfits there Che, I loved the colours and styles you presented.

Hard picking a favourite but I really liked the outfit in the second picture, the one on the right (leopard print skirt, black top, grey cardigan and gold bag).

Best Wishes for 2015.

Janet Taylor said...

Lovely selection!

Happy New Year, my dear!