It´s Been a While, I Know...

It´s been more than a year ( 13 months since my last post exactly) since I´ve left this blog. I never thought that I would go back to blogging again. To be honest with you, I lost my interest in the hobby. Then I got hooked on watching You Tube fashion and lifestyle channels on my couch most of my spare time. I know it isn´t a healthy habit but it relaxes my mind, lol! Then sh*t literally hit the fan in the beginning of March and as for the rest of the story... we all know how it ended. So with nothing to do except do the daily mundane chores and watch more You Tube videos, I decided to visit this forgotten little nook again and sort of pick-up what I´ve left before. I´ve got a gazillion of photos to show you this time, might that interest you a bit? 😉

To start, these are spring pics from probably around this time last year when it was warm enough to wear short sleeves and sandals and we were free to visit the malls. This outfit was quite especial to me because the hubwho literally know nothing about fashion and colors complimented me on this look. I´ve always been partial to purply and mauvy things and paring them with neutral colors made the whole ensemble cohesive, don´t you think?

These are all old stuff in my closet but they are very reliable basics. You can never go wrong with basics so better stock up on them! And yes, the culottes. I´m drawn to them like a moth. I have about 6 pairs now in different colors and most of them are denim. If I had to wear pants all the time, I would definitely choose this style and straight leg jeans. They free and cool your legs especially in the summer!

top- Zara, culottes- Pull&Bear, sandals- Massimo Dutti, bag- Longchamp le Pliage

So yeah, it´s been a while I know but I´ve got a lot of back stories to tell and back looks to show and I hope you visit me again in this tiny virtual corner of mine!

See you soon,



Mica said…
Welcome back to blogging! Great to see a post from you again, and you do look pretty in purple! :)

Hope you are having a good week :) It's a bit cold here - winter has arrived a week early!

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